AskOntos is a system that provides a natural-language, free-form, query interface to extracted values from semantically annotated web pages. After submitting a query, this demo highlights recognized query words, displays the query's intermediate form, and returns query results. Currently this demo works for only the car-advertisement domain.

Guidelines for Forming a Query:



1.                  The queries should be database queries (i.e. "Find me...", "List...", etc.).

2.                  Queries must be in English.  They may be incomplete sentences and need not be grammatically correct.  They may also include common symbol such as <, >, and $.



1.                  No metadata queries, such as "Tell me what I can ask about cars."

2.                  No queries requiring knowledge outside the given information, such as "Find me a car my spouse will like."

3.                  No negations (examples:   "...everything but...", "...not...").

4.                  No disjunctions (examples:  "...or...", " of...").

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