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Data-Extraction Demo

This demo shows how to use an application ontology (1) to find Web sites containing information described by the ontology and (2) to extract and structure the information from a Web site according to the ontology. The diagram below gives an overview of the process. You can click on each process (yellow) or data source (blue) to learn more.

The data sources also contain sample data. When you click on the blue boxes, you can view the data we have provided and you can either modify this data or replace it with your own. (See Notes 1 and 2 below.) The provided data has been preprocessed and statically stored for retrieval. When you modify a data source or replace a data source with your own data, you can then process the new data in real time and produce new results. You can, for example, choose any URL on which to apply an application ontology, modify a given application ontology to see how it affects the results, or even build your own application ontology and try it out on a Web site of your own choosing.

Note 1: Working files you produce are subject to deletion at any time. We regularly delete them once each week.

Note 2: While the demo is under construction, some of the features will not be available. In cases where you need to get through or around these unavailable features, we have provided alternatives. For example, while we are working on code for URL selection and processing, you can click on the dashed box to select one of the source Web pages we provide or to supply your own source Web page.

Data Extraction Demo Map
View/Alter/Define an Application Ontology View the ontology's Constant/Keyword Matching Rules View the generated Potential URL's and select a URL for processing Select a source Web Page for processing Select a source Web Page for processing Select a source Web Page for processing Select a source Web Page for processing View the source of the selected Web Page View the source (if any) of the dynamically generated Web Page View the Database Scheme generated from the defined Application Ontology View the ontology's Record-Level Objects, Relationships and Constraints View the Data Record Table View the Cleaned Records identified in the source Web Page Click to submit SQL queries to the Populated Database URL Locator Web Page Generator (for dynamic Web Pages) Constant/Keyword Recognizer and Record Separator Application Ontology Parser Database Record Generator Indicator judging how well the Web Page source relates to the Application Ontology
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