Yihong and Li's Family

Yihong Ding, born in Zhejianga river named "Zhe" and grown up in Jiangxiwest side of the big river, and Li Xu, born and grown up in Shandongeast side of the great mountain, first met each other at Hefeibe together to get fat, Anhui in September 11, 1994. Within a month, they fell in love with each other. At the night of Octorber 11, 1994, Yihong did a "horrible" proposal to Li and misunderstoodthis was embarrassing, pleast do not ask me what happened her reply; but she sweetestly forgave him. After three years dating full of sweet and horribleI guess you know who was the reason of horrible and who was the sweet angel days and nights, they struggled and finally decided to be with each other for their rest of life. In June 19, 1997, they got marriedafter that day, the angel used to say: "OH! How regret I am now. I deeply wish my eyes were not closed at that time." ... ... and her sweetest sweetest daughter laughs at her. ... ... .

Family Big Events

anidot1a (9K)   May -- Augest, 2006.
       Yihong did a research internship in DERI Innsbruck, Austria. The first time Yihong came to Europe.

anidot1a (9K)   August, 2003.
       Li received her PhD degree in Computer Science, Yihong received his MS degree in Computer Science, both from Brigham Young University.
       Li became a new tenure-track assistant professor in University of Arizona, South.
       Family moved to Sierra Vista, Arizona.

anidot1a (9K)   May, 2003.
       Li accepted an offer to be a faculty member in University of Arizona, South.

anidot1a (9K)   August 21, 2001.
       Welcomed a new family member, Vania, the daughter of Li and Yihong.

anidot1a (9K)   August, 1999.
       Family moved to Provo, Utah.

anidot1a (9K)   July, 1999.
       Both Li and Yihong are accepted to be graduate students in CS major at Brigham Young University.

anidot1a (9K)   September, 1998.
       Li became Christian.

anidot1a (9K)   June, 1998.
       Li came Akron, Ohio, United States. Family reunited.

anidot1a (9K)   Febuary, 1998.
       Yihong became Christian.

anidot1a (9K)   August, 1997.
       Yihong came Akron, Ohio, United States.

anidot1a (9K)   July, 1997.
       Li received her MS degree in Computer Science, Yihong received his ME degree in Mechanical Engineering, both from University of Science and Technology of China.

anidot1a (9K)   June 19, 1997.
       Yihong and Li got married. Born a new family --- Yihong and Li's Family.

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