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List of Research Projects

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These are the list of projects I am working on or have already accomplished. For readers who are interested in discussing with me, please send me email at ding@cs.byu.edu.

Ongoing Projects

ASpace (Active Semantic sPACE) (affiliation with DERI Innsbruck)

MUSING (MUlti-industry, Semantic-based next generation business INtelliGence) (affiliation with DERI Innsbruck)

Automated Semantic Annotation for the Semantic Web (PhD dissertation)

Semantic query on annotated web pages query (1K)

Finished Projects

Semi-automatic domain ontology generation by reusing a large-scale ontology (master thesis) building (1K)

Mapping ontologies to Java mapping (30K)

Schema and ontology mapping SchemaMapping (40K)

Ontology-based data extraction ontos (2K)

Internet Cache System (Novell Internship) ics (3K)
Last updated: Sept 30th, 2006