BYU Data Extraction Research Group Demo Index

Ontos is our data extraction engine. There are two demos of Ontos. Our High-Level Demo is for people who just want a general idea of what the data-extraction process can do. Our Detailed Demo is for people who want more detailed information.

We suggest that you use Internet Explorer 5.5+ (and Sun's Java Plugin for applets) to view the demo pages.

Our GeneTIQS demo shows our system for extracting genealogical data from the internet.

Our person-name grouping demo shows our system that groups search-engine returned citations for person-name queries such that the search-engine returned citations in each group belong to the same person.

A simplified demo of our new version of Ontos demonstrates the performance of this new system.

A simple demo shows how information extraction can be used to do semantic annotation, an enabling technology for the semantic web.