BYU Data Extraction Research Group Demo Index

In the HyKSS (Hybrid Keyword and Semantc Search) demo, you can pose free-form queries over car ads taken from The car ads have been indexed both by keywords (in the usual sense) and by semantics (in the sense that concepts have been annotated with meta information defined in an ontology). Try for example: "Find me a mazda in 'excellent condition' for under 10 grand with less than 100K miles on it."

The Wok-HD demo lets you build an extraction ontology for use in superimposing a Web of Knowledge over Historical Documents.

Download the packet of files containing the Ontology Workbench and the auxiliary files for the WoK-HD (Web of Knowledge for Historical Documents). Download, install, and set up XAMPP, which supports serving web pages from a local host. To get started, follow the Getting Started directions.

Watch TANGO in action as example tables are run through MOGO and their ontologies are merged together.

OntoES is our Ontology-based Extraction System. Our OntoES Demo shows how the system can extract data from multiple-record web documents such as car ads, apartment rentals, obituaries, digital cameras, job advertisements, ... We suggest that you use Internet Explorer 5.5+ (and Sun's Java Plugin for applets) to view the demo pages.

A simple demo of our newer version of OntoES demonstrates its performance.

A simple demo shows how information extraction can be used to do semantic annotation, an enabling technology for the semantic web. (Currently, this demo only works properly when the browser is Internet Explorer.)

AskOntos is a system that provides a natural-language, free-form, query interface to extracted values from semantically annotated web pages.